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Hello Courtney,
Wow! I just got the package and eagerly ripped it open with a huge smile on my face! You are without a doubt wonderful and talented!! I am soooo happy with the three Dundy dolls and the travel mug is just PERFECT! I know all recipients will be delighted, as am I. Thank you again for the speedy turnaround on my order. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas season and a Happy New Year!

Very fondly, Heather

Hi i dont think u rember me but im maricela,im now 11 and when i got my dundy I was like 9yrs old. over the years i went through hard times but i knew that I had God,my parents and Dundy! every night I keep Dundy to keep me safe but I know its God. I luv dundy with all my heart and everyone in world even sinners.dundy is a great dundy!!

Dear cortney,
Thank u for sending That email My dundy is sitting next to me and telling me what to type.{and she is telling me That that she loves me too} my dundys face is a bit dirty. what do I do? Do I put her in the washer? I'm afraid if I put her in the dryer & mess up Her face.but it is not that dirty.I love my dundy&she loves me too! Happy valintines day!
all with love - maricela & dundy p.s.dundy loves u too:)

Hi,my name is maricela and im 9 years old. Igot a dundy from a ronlad mcdonld brother had to stay there for the night because he had a inpoitmet (dont know how to spell )he is going to have surge soon:(but on tuesday The 8 or 9 of janary.he is going to have heart surge. please pray for him OPPS I got off topic me & dundy r having a wonderful time to gether. I love her so much she makes me have no night mears.I love her so much Dont stop making dundys PLEASE.all with love - MARICELA

The Dundies have arrived!!! I am beginning to pass them out to the children. Their faces are lighting up immediately! They LOVE the dolls! I have put the request in with the commander for the certificate of recognition for both you and Arbonne! I will let you know just as soon as they get sent out your way. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done for the children of our company. You have no idea how much they appreciate the love and support you have shown them.

Military children tend to be wise beyond their years and they understand that these dolls were a gift of love, for which, they are eternally grateful. These kids understand mommy or daddy may not come back from their mission in Iraq, or that they may come back different. They take all the hardships with a sigh and just soldier on. To watch the strength, resilience, and character of these so called "brats" is a gift in itself, to aid them in their time of need is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for coming to their rescue, Thank you for helping me to lift their spirits.

Again, on behalf of the wars smallest veterans, THANK YOU!

-Kelly Ferguson--Bravo Co. FRG Leader--Mannheim, Germany
BRAVO DAWGS--Bravo Co. out of the 44th Signal Expeditionary Battalion, 7th Brigade

I like the Dundy because she's special. She makes me feel soft inside and having a Dundy is a lot more fun. Dundy's eyelashes are just like my princess dolls and I love her painted eyes. I like the way her bow is and the way you painted it. Thank you for making the Dundy. Love - Andrea (5 years old, typed by mommy)

P.S. We love your story! It's so inspirational. Andrea loves her doll and enjoyed hearing about your story. She has the pink twirly doll and is going to call her Princess Dundy, since she loves princess dolls. Thank you again for such a sweet doll that brings so much comfort and joy to a child.
Sincerely, Lorraine

I would like to sincerely thank you for the Dundy Buddy you left for my sister, who is in Kindred Hospital in Dallas. She is battling colon cancer and is undergoing aggressive radiation treatments, which are leaving her in devastating pain, weakness and despair. We appreciate the very kind act of providing such an encouraging gift, and thank you for sharing your uplifting story of hope and human concern. We are praying for her comfort and that God will lessen her suffering according to His will.
---Sincerely, D. and K. Smith

Dear Courtney,
Thank you for your continuous support to the Ronald McDonald House of Houston with your generous donation of Dundy dolls for the children. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are always appreciated. Having a sick child is never easy, but with the help from caring individuals like you, we are able to create an environment of comfort and love to help families in their time of need.
---Kathy M. Scalf, Family Activities Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House of Houston

"Sweet, Sweet Dundy -
We were so thrilled to have the opportunity to give all the little children at the Women's Shelter a darling Dundy! They were the biggest hit with all the children, who ranged in age from 4 months to 12 years old. Dundy was the shining light of their day and I hope will be the shining light of their nights as well. It was an honor and a blessing to get to share such love -- thanks Courtney for creating such a wonderful ministry."
--Jeanna Meek and Family

Working with CC Dundy, Inc. was an absolute pleasure! Our company donated Dundy buddy dolls to patients at the Ronald McDonald House of Houston and it was a treat to see the faces of the children light up as the Dundy dolls were handed out. I'll never forget hearing one little boy saying, "Welcome home, Dundy!" as he cradled his new Dundy in his arms. What a blessing to share Dundy with the children. We very much look forward to donating Dundies again in 2007.
-- Lory Tauber, Tauber Oil of Houston

"Courtney, I had the great pleasure of being introduced to your "Dundy" at the 2006 Lifeline Chaplaincy fundraiser. What a joy it was to be able to share your story and gift of encouragement with our children and members of the Trinity Garden Church of Christ family. We are sharing a few photos with you as we explained to our Bible Hour Classes the story behind Dundy. Our children now have a loving gift to help them through difficult times like "SHOTS," illness, sadness, & loss but they will also use it as a way to help them remember special things and special people like yourself. We are honored that you shared a part of your life with us at a time when it was really needed. The pictures really don't do justice in showing how very thrilled and excited everyone was to receive your special friends, Dundies. You are now a part of us and we will always keep you in our prayers. May God bless you and strengthen you."
-- Yours in Christian love, Cynthia Daniels & The Trinity Gardens Church Family, Houston TX

"It is heart-warming to know that Dottie Dundy was a comfort to Terri and her children during the difficult and final days of her life."--Tina Brady, Houston, TX

What is a Dundy?????????????

A Dundy is an outward expression of an inward victory. Dundy can be comfort, love and hope all wrapped into a soft, smiling, cute, egg-shaped package. What a joy to know Courtney and to investigate her website…buying gifts for dear friends I wished I did not have "to do." But I wanted to share her joy in life, ministry and Hope!!!

My first recipient was an adorable two-year-old boy with a large, aggressive brain tumor…his Mommy said, "Wow, and a Dundy!" Apparently, Mr. Dundy is well known in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Texas Children's Hospital! There was a sports theme Dundy, perfect for this once active tyke. It was blessing sharing Courtney's story and beliefs with this strong Christian family.

The next recipient was a God-fearing sister-in-Christ with stage two breast cancer. Courtney's background gave her encouragement and identification with her continuing ordeal.

My last Dundy went to a dear friend whose husband, a strong Christian leader, is struggling with cancer, and has a fierce, ongoing battle with chemotherapy side effects.

In each case, it was with sadness I passed these gifts along…but the hope comes in the strength we gain, knowing that in this awful disease, my loved ones do not walk alone, but have the eternal Hope that rests in God's provision on the cross in His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. Although this life is not comfortable, perfect or lasting…those who know Christ as their personal Savior have an eternal, perfect future in heaven…that is the Hope Courtney passes along with each custom made Dundy, which receives her personal attention and prayers!!! May God continue to use Courtney in a mighty way as she pursues His will for her life. -- Carol Hulyk

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was when my sweet Spiffy Dundy arrived. I tucked him in with a dinner for a friend who had just undergone a mastectomy and left him on her doorstep. She was so delighted to receive this gift that had so much love and meaning behind it. I just couldn't have sent anything better. I've already ordered my second Dundy to give to my brand new niece. Thank you for making such a special gift. -- Carolyn Sanna, Wilton, Connecticut

When my mother was told that she would need to be in a nursing facility she, my sister, and I were very upset. I ordered a Dundy for her and told her that Dundy would remind her of God's love and care for her. Dundy really brightened her time in the home. Mother only lived a few more days and then went to her eternal home. A couple of months later I took Dundy to my granddaughter in Ohio-as a remembrance of Omi and a reminder that God loves and cares for her. One cannot help but smile when Dundy comes into the room. Thank you for your ministry. ---- from Texas

Courtney! I love the Dundies! They are so "HAPPY" to look at! They truly make my heart smile! I know that everyone will be so thrilled with their new Dundies! I will send photos and a note! Thanks so much for the wonderful work that you do spreading God's love for us all! -- Mimi, Houston, Texas

I finally got a chance to log on to your website tonight, and it hit me that I should order a Dundy for my niece who is having surgery in September. She was born with a congenital heart condition and was finally able to be rid of her feeding tube in late July. Unfortunately, her tummy has not healed properly and she needs to have the hole stitched up. She is 7 years old and is incredibly huggy and lovey! I think she will adore the Dundy! Isn't it interesting how things happen when we step aside and let God lead the way!
Kristi, Katy, Texas

I just wanted to tell you that Sara came for a visit from Florida and she had her Dundy with her. She told me that she sleeps with him every night. He's adorable! Our prayers are working! Thanks! ---- Linda, Texas

We got our Dundy today and love it! It's so bright and happy-it will be perfect for Hannah!! Everything was packaged so nicely and professionally-thanks so much! -- Jayla, The Woodlands, Texas

Thank you for such an inspiring story that gives me hope to know that some women are being cured of breast cancer. My wife had breast cancer and succumbed to it two years ago September 11th. It is amazing when God has a mission for you. He lets you go through fire to get to where He can use you for other people. May God bless you in your endeavors.
-- Jack, Texas
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